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There is so much garbage on TV now it is so wonderful to be able to watch the British imports, i.e., The Crown, Downton Abby and Victoria.  I just finished watching episode 6 when Prince Charles goes to Wales.  OMG - my heart just broke for him.  I had no idea he was such a gentle soul and so compassionate and warm.  If this is really based on facts, the Queen is the coldest b---ch to have as a mother.  She is so cold and when she said that his words don't matter, he does not matter to anyone, I actually cried it was so heartbreaking.  I have a whole new respect for him now.  Amazing program.

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I just started watching season 3 last night. Wow, I'm trying real hard to stick it out but I am finding this season extremely boring. Hopefully it picks up a bit. 

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Agree! We have watched 4 episodes of the current season so far and are in love! Have no memory of the mining accident, so interesting to learn about that and see the 👑's response.

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I watched a documentary on Prince Charles awhile ago.  I thought he was so gentle and kind, and very much willing to make fun of himself.  He was very attentive to his hosts, whereever he was. He has a sharp wit and dry sense of humor.  Although it means nothing to me, I wish the Queen would get off the throne and let Charles be King.  He's just turned 70, it's time for him to take the throne.

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@ID2 wrote:

I just started watching season 3 last night. Wow, I'm trying real hard to stick it out but I am finding this season extremely boring. Hopefully it picks up a bit. 

Oh gosh-I feel the same way and I don't  want to-I was so excited for the new season.

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Today I read that there is a possibility that Queen Elizabeth, 93, may retire from the public eye when she turns 95. She would not abdicate but Charles would become the Regent until such time as he becomes king.  There are definitely signs that this is beginning (Charles and the Queen mutually decided Andrew's fate).

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Each year around this time she offloads more and more patronages to everyone, so I imagine this year is no exception.


Now that Phillip is retired from public life, Charles and William have been trading off investitures and one or the other is by her side at other engagements.


So it makes sense if she continues to slowly back away and allow Charles and William to do more of the heavy lifting in these last years.


Her mother lived to 101, so she has at least a good decade left considering her currently good health and active lifestyle.

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loveour4leggedfriends:  I was very interested in the episode about Prince Charles going to Wales and my heart went out to him in his loneliness (which I believe was accurately portrayed).  The young actor who played Charles was very good.


One point I would make - although we have always heard that the Queen is very cold, we don't know that she actually did say that his words didn't matter.  Remember, the conversation in The Crown is fiction. 


I am British and I grew up hearing about Charles' many efforts to do good things but, because of his reticence, his ideas were often ridiculed and shouted down.


So many people have bad things to say about Prince Charles but they are usually only quoting the Diana period. They don't seem to realize that he is indeed a gentle and compassionate man who cares very deeply about people in general, their welfare and the environment, and particularly in helping young people get started in good jobs, etc.  He is also said to be very hardworking.  There have been a number of documentaries made over the years that showcase his work, and also his deep love for people and the countryside.  Unfortunately many people here don't even know any of this.


Apparently each time he visits one of the Royal estates, he visits a lot of the retired workers in their homes and they all enjoy seeing him.


I truly believe that he deserves a lot of respect and that he will make a good King.


I am also glad William seems to be shaping up to be a good and compassionate young man.