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Thanks for the encouragement, Annabelle, I will be looking these up.  I never got into Downton Abbey because some other show was on at the same time. But I sure can go back and binge watch! Beats some of the re-runs.

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I loved the Crimson Field.  I posted on another thread before I saw this one.  I like it so much better than Poldark.  The characters are interesting.  When you think of the bravery of the nurses and soldiers long forgotten it's sad. Thanks for posting on this show.

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There is so much intrigue with all the characters.  I can't wait to find out all the secrets.


This show reminds me very much of the tv series China Beach.  The scene where he was playing golf in the dark was very reminiscent of that show.



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I am really enjoying it. PBS has some very good shows.