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I think next Sunday might be the last in this series and while I initially thought it was done very well, the past 2 episdoes just aren't what I would have expected and some of it I disagree in how it was represented (the angel in a red cape appearing to both Mary and Joseph? just seemed really weird to me. There were a few other areas that my DH and I said, where did that come from?? I am no Bible scholar but it just seems some of it was something I was never familiar with.

I also take issue with Jesus and Peter in the boat--think that was done poorly too as I believe in the Bible Peter had other men fishing with him--not just a solo fisherman....

Anyway all in all it was good but I won't keep it on tape to see again. To me the very best depection of the Bible was JESUS OF NAZARETH!!! I have that on DVDs and that series in my opinion is not only well done but ageless and has more validity that the current series. JMO