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Lets not forget Mr Drummond on Different Strokes, he was a great Dad to Kimberly and to his 2 adopted sons. 

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I had never seen The Waltons until we got satellite service 20 years ago. I was drawn to this show.

I later realized Zeb and John Walton were so much like my dad and Grandpa, and my mom and Grandma were like Olivia and Grandma Walton.

WWII was before my time, but I related so well to life on Waltons Mountain.
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Regarding Ernie on My Three Sons, I thought he was in a Foster Home before Steve adopted him. Those were my favorite episodes when Ernie joined the show. BTW, just a few days ago the shows started back at the beginning again with Bub etc. It will be awhile before Ernie shows up. I never cared much for Mike though.
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@Moonlady wrote:

And fans must remember the episode in which Barney and Floyd are held captive in a cabin by 3 escapees from a women's prison. 




Remember when Barney tried to "dance" the one pictured above (played by the wonderful Reta Shaw) out the door so Andy, lying in wait, could cuff her? Lol hilarious! 🤣


Just saw that one recently.  Very funnySmiley Happy  Im watching some now without Barney.  Just not the same.


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Fred McMurray-My Three Sons.