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Doris Day/Cary Grant on now-8pm movies channel comcast. one of my favorites!

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I love this movie too, the combination of Doris Day and Cary Grant makes this one of Doris Day's best.  I also love Audrey Meadows and her funny comments !  It is an enjoyable light movie and sometimes that is just what we need!

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I love vintage movies!  TCM is my favorite channel.  


Even when the film contains violence, such as war or gangster genres,  the viewer doesn't see blood and gore.  Also, the scripts are very well done, there are lines that an adult will "get", but a young child wouldn't.  During a love scene, the couples kiss then the screen fades to black.  Adults know what is probably happening between the characters, but a child wouldn't.  One of the sexiest scenes ever is when Rhett Butler carries Scarlett up the staircase!  Nothing is said, no nudity, but adults understand.  


Movies once were entertaining, they transported you to the land of make believe.  Today, the magic is gone.  Most movies today are made for a specific demographic.  If you like car chases, explosions and computer generated graphics most of today's movies are made for you.  

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@this is my nic I agree. I also like looking at all the vintage clothes and hairstyles. Another thing I like to observe especially in those movies filmed in NY are the small apartments, especially the small kitchens and how organized they always were with a small table that usually had a table cloth. Other then a toaster, did not have all the electric cooking gadgets we have today and they got along just fine! LOL
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One of my favorite movies!  Even though I have seen it countless times, I taped it and will watch today.

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agree that this movie was a great one for DD, but CG is definitely easy on the her costume changes and the furniture and hotel amenities.. that era was so fun

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I love Doris Day rom-coms and I think I have nearly all of them on DVD, including this movie.

I have to say that I love her movies with Rock Hudson. I think they had such good chemistry together.
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That was a cute comedy sorry I missed it.  The Thrill of It All was on not to long ago Doris Day and James Garner.

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