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If you can beg, borrow or download Entertainment Weekly's 02.15.2013 issue, turn to page 23 for a fantastic article in "The Final Cut" about SCANDAL by columnist Mark Harris. The title, "THE DIRTY SECRET ABOUT SCANDAL" begins: "The ABC drama about a political crisis manager is the most ridiculous, chaotic bat#@!*-crazy show on television. It's also one of the best."

Harris heaps praise effusively on the program, saying "...Scandal is, one might argue, ludicrous and indefensible trash, but if so, it's trash with a capital T, a bedazzled R, and anarchy-symbol A, a neon S, and an H that stands for 'Holy sh--, I can't believe they did that!" It is also, against all odds, the most original drama on network TV right now. I say 'right now' because Scandal could fly over a cliff next week; it is always that close to chaos..."

Harris goes on to compare SCANDAL to other dramas of past seasons as well as the current one, and he tells where Revolution, Revenge, Vegas and Nashville, etc. went wrong, but SCANDAL managed to stay right on course.

The final paragraph says it all: "This show will not be going to the Emmys next year. But most network television is safe, and Scandal is not. It is unhinged; it's insane. And it couldn't be more welcome."

Couldn't agree more. It's all the things we've been posting about SCANDAL.

On another note - didn't realize until now that Darby Stanchfield who plays Abby Whelan on SCANDAL also plays Meredith, novelist Richard Castle's former wife on CASTLE. Never made the connection because she looks so different in both roles. She's equally good as both characters, too.