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Just started watching his documentary.  He is fascinating and ahead of his time.  Sure glad he started Turner Classic Movies.  Cuddos to him.  

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And how fortunate that the MGM, RKO and Warner Bros movie libraries were also under valued at the time so he could purchase them. So he could have quite a selection of movies for TCM channel.



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I enjoy most of TCM. Also have dined at Ted's Montana Grill near us a few times. 


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Boy, he sure got old!   Did they mention his age?

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@Tinkrbl44 wrote:



Boy, he sure got old!   Did they mention his age?



@Tinkrbl44   Ted Turner is 80 years old.  He has Lewy Body Dementia.  I recorded this and will try to watch it today.  I saw a preview of it on CNN, and they mentioned his age and the LBD.

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Why Ted Turner will always be "Robert" to me....


I met Ted twice when he was in his prime in Atl.  The first time was at CNN headquarters.  I was standing w/a group of people when this tall man came over to us.  He introduced himself as "Robert" & wanted to know if we were enjoying ourselves & taken care of.  If there was anything we needed to let him know.  None of us knew who this man was.  We just assummed another "CNN employee."


2 days later at a friends bbq "Robert" sat next to me.  I turned to him & asked if we met 2 days ago at CNN?  People kept walking by calling him Ted.  I finally asked "who is Ted?"  He told me "Ted" was his nickname as well as "mouth of the south."  He perferred "Ted" or "Robert."  Then he said, "You're not from around here are you?"  Then we started "shooting the breeze."  The man was very down to earth, had that southern charm & manners.  While he was taking my paper plate to the trash, my daughter's boyfriend at the time came up to me & said all excited, "you know Ted Turner?"  I said, "Who?"

Mind you, "Ted Turner" never told me he was THAT Ted Turner as he never told me his last name.  So for me he will always be "Robert."

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