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Re: Ted Danson new show Mr. Mayor

@Witchy Woman wrote:



I'm in the same boat with you.  


Was having a conversation with my SIL last night about TV shows from the past and how silly/funny/enjoyable they were.  Realized I hadn't really watched any network TV since Seinfeld.


We were laughing about how, when the Disney music played on Sunday night, it was equivalent to hearing the ice cream truck coming Cat LOL




@Witchy Woman 


I hear you!   I like a little humor at night, but current sit-coms seem either too juvenile or just plain stupid. 


As a result, I have gone back and watched the entire series of Frasier (it took me a year to do so) because I was so impressed with the excellent writing and acting.  David Hyde Pierce is a fabulous actor!   


I didn't watch it all the time when it first was on, but since it lasted for eleven seasons, it clearly had a lot of viewers.  It's still good comedy.

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Re: Ted Danson new show Mr. Mayor

I liked it okay.  Hoping it will improve.  No laugh track.

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Re: Ted Danson new show Mr. Mayor

I'm sorry to hear it wasn't that good. I enjoyed the clips especially the one about the straws and the video available online to show people how to drink out of a cup! LOL now that was funny!


I thought Friends was one of the stupidest shows on television the first couple of seasons and really didn't get all the hype at all. It did improve, the writing, in later seasons. I think I am hyper critical when it comes to comedy though. There are plenty of popular movies that I think are just plain stupid