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Watching this show on TLC for the first time. New show 3rd episode and oh my goodness !  One lady had a cockroach stuck in her ear ! One woman had a stilletto heel stuck in her face (got into an altercation with another woman) a guy with a nail through his finger and a bb stuck in a teens face. How interesting !

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Maybe I'll give this program a try. 

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What a weird theme for a show.  I wonder who comes up with these concepts and how.  I don't think I will be watching. 

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As with most TLC shows, it sounds like a good one to skip.

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This is not a new show, it was on last year for a while, my cable guide said last night was a rerun. 

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These all sound like problems I've seen on Untold Stories of the ER.  Expecially the heel in the face.