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I like Judge Judy and Judge Milian, People's Court..............



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I have a Justice Central cable channel here and I really like it, interesting cases.  My fav judges are Judge Karen, Ross, Hatchett, Perez, and Mablean.  I watch it daily but the commercials are horrible, lots of muting Smiley Happy

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@Spurt Yep, I know. I really have no interest in her new show. And wouldn't pay to watch it!

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I just do not care for Judge Judy. She is a bully and plain MEAN. She likes to make people feel small and make them cringe and jump at her command. I do not see those traits as being great for a judge at all.

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I used to like and watch most of them if I was home during the day.  The only one I continue to watch is People's Court with Judge Marilyn Milian.  She gets her point across respectfully unlike Judge Judy.

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Tired of Judge Judy and her meanness, and hot bench very aggravating to me, at least the two women. Miss Judge Joe  Brown. I found a show that I never thought I would like, paternity court, I thought oh what is this trash, lol, but I really like the judge and the stories are quite interesting.