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They said she should be the new surgeon general, so is a good example of being underinformed. I certainly was not dissing her doctorate...I happen to have one myself. 

THEY didn't say it. ONE of them did. The rest of them knew the score.

It kind of reminds me of the time on the show that Sherry Shepherd didn't know the earth wasn't flat. 




I remember that .... and thought Barbara Walters had made a serious mistake hiring her. 


So many subjects are covered and sometimes hosts are flying by the seat of their pants if the topic goes in another direction. 


I have noticed that if someone mis-speaks, the producers catch it and a correction is made as soon as possible.   That is done on most live shows, whether news, talk or just plain entertainment.   


With the internet and live interaction on Twitter, etc, fact checking is alive and well.

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I really don't feel that the view does there homework before speaking . The other day Sunny claimed that Nikki Haley was a chameleon by NOT using her real name , Indian name , like she should talk as she doesnt use her "real" name !!! Nikki is her real name it's her middle name on her birth certificate meaning Little One. Why doesn't she just shut up !! She's such a miserable person ! its all about not liking her because she is a republican women and she Doesnt line up with her liberal views 😡 she acts just like a high school girl bully!! In fact I'm thinking she probably was in high school . what happened to uplifting ALL women 🤔 And she has the name sunny ?? Please.