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I just watchec the DVD of The Miracle Season (2018) of the true story of Iowa City West High School volleyball team who went on to victory even after the sudden death of the team's heart and leader, Caroline "Line" Found, in 2011. It stars Helen Hunt, William Hurt, Jason-Gray Stanford (Lt. Disher of Monk), Danika Yarosh as Caroline "Line," and Erin Moriarty as Line's best friend, Kelley.


This is well worth watching.  It's even better at home for someone like me who tears up easily.  


Aside from the tears (not all the time, just in certain spots), the film was very well-directed as seen in scene after scene filmed just right.  The story was extremely well told.


Highly recommended!


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@Homegirl , thanks for the recommendation.  I will check it out.  LM