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THE GOOD WIFE - "Runnin' With The Devil" (S4/Ep16) - 03.10.2013

What's going on with THE GOOD WIFE? This was a show that started out three seasons ago with excellent and provocative scripts, a strong cast, superb direction and a unique take on current events of the day: politicians who cheated on their spouses and the dedicated women who stood by their men steadfastly for those ubiquitous and almost mandatory televised mea culpas. That formula was intriguing enough to garner an audience and ensure decent ratings for CBS.

Now, it seems, the showrunners have lost focus, faith and the original intent of THE GOOD WIFE. With such seasoned veterans as Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth, Christine Baranski and Josh Charles, why wasn't that enough? Why is it suddenly necessary to have the "Guest Star of the Week" thrown into the mix? This week it was Audra McDonald as Alicia's former law school frenemy, AUSA Liz Lawrence and TV and Broadway veteran Bebe Neuwirth (CHEERS; FRASIER) who was completely wasted in the role of Judge Claudia Friend. Next week, former FRIENDS friend Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) returns as Alicia's nemesis, Mike Kresteva. This follows a season in which they've had Broadway star Nathan Lane (THE PRODUCERS), T.R. Knight (GREY'S ANATOMY), Maura Tierney (E.R.), Anika Noni Rose (DREAMGIRLS; PRIVATE PRACTICE) and seemingly countless others.

Why is this necessary? Isn't the core cast of Emmy-winners sufficient? Do the producers think that the audience is going to tune in just to see stunt-casting run amok? TGW's production team needs to trust their own judgment and more importantly, give the audience credit for having the intelligence to appreciate a great show for was it is (or was).

Additionally, if there was a storyline that was as objectionable and unappealing as the recent kinky one featuring Kalinda and her smarmy former husband, Nick Saverese (Marc Warren), it was the one about the drug kingpin, Lemond Bishop played by Mike Colter. That storyline was one of the first detours taken by TGW into uncharted and unnecessary territory. It was difficult to comprehend why an unscale Chicago firm such as Lockhart-Gardner would agree to represent such a low-level societal outcast. Yes, Lemond ran a chain of fitness clubs in his financial empire, but that was undoubtedly for the sole purpose of laundering his drug money. Yes, L-G is a full-service firm, but does it really attract new business when your target clientele learn that you're defending drug dealers? I thought this storyline was dead and buried, just like Kalinda's former husband, Nick. Personally, I never want to see Lemond or Nick again. Producers, please make them go away.

Finally, I repeat my weakly rant: I don't trust Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry)! That conniving little wheeler-dealer! Didn't we all know that he was up to something and that "something" was no good? Now it turns out - just as most of us suspected - he's trying to launch his own firm and he's cherry-picking L-G's clients to do so by offering "boutique services" and "more personalized attention." That's code for: "We're a tiny start-up and we need your business desperately!" He's a weasel. He's Judas incarnate. Sure, he's justified in being hurt and angry because the partnership offer was delayed for a year and the only one promoted was his arch-rival Alicia, but Cary, grow up. This is the high stakes legal profession in a world-class city at a top-notch firm. If you're not ready to play in the Big Leagues and swim with the sharks, then move back to Podunk and hang your shingle outside the barber shop or the general store. Cary, it's time to set aside your revenge fantasies, put on your big boy pants and get on with your life. That being said, I can't wait to see what Cary pulls out of his vengeful bag of tricks next.

It looks as if Kalinda's hopped aboard the bruised ego bandwagon. The only possible reason that she protected Cary's secret was to get in his good graces and land a spot on his team at his new firm. (As if he could afford a P.I.!) Kalinda's feelings are hurt because she's being forced to train a new L-G investigator, whom she thinks could be her possible replacement. Poor Kalinda just learned from Will, in a smoothly evasive move, that she's the head of a department, but no one reports to her and she doesn't even have a desk. BOO-freakin'-HOO! Didn't she blackmail L-G into a huge raise only last season? She sure didn't use it to buy clothes. I'm sick of her hooker uniform of that leather motorcyle jacket, too-tight, too-short mini-skirt and those thigh-high boots. Inconspicuous - not! Grow up, girl! Oh, yes, and dress like a lady rather than a tramp.