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THE GOOD WIFE - "Red Team, Blue Team" (S4/Ep14) 02.17.2013

Alicia Florrick again is rapidly shedding the sweet little goody-two-shoes image that originally earned her the title of THE GOOD WIFE. It seems that no matter how hard she and Will Gardner try, they just can't keep their lips off one another. Where is this headed? There's been no hint of sparks between them since the end of S2 with that elevator ride, the hotel room and the "will they or won't they?" cliffhanger.

The mock trial was fun. You could see how much Alicia was enjoying bashing Will and Diane.

The other shocker was that after forming an alliance with the other 4th Year Associates in their battle to become Equity Partners after Lockhart-Gardner postponed, Alicia jumped at the offer when they came to her. I thought if anyone would betray the others it would be Cary ("Judas") Agos. I've never trusted him. He was a manipulative, conniving weasel when he worked there initially. He was so sure he'd get the job that Alicia got and was genuinely shocked when L-G let him go. When Cary left and went to the State's Attorney's Office, he did everything he could to target, undermine and humiliate L-G in general and Alicia in particular. For all his efforts at insinuating and ingratiating himself with State's Attorney Peter Florrick, that ASA job didn't last. I cheered when he got his comeuppance. It was unbelievable that L-G took him back. How could they ever trust a treacherous turncoat like Cary? That look on his face said it all when he saw Alicia in the Conference Room, newly promoted and being congratulated by her peers, the other Equity Partners. Can't you just imagine Cary rallying the remaining 4th Year Associates to sue L-G, stage a walkout, form their own firm and steal L-G's clients? Or all of the above?