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@kaydee50 wrote:

Yes and some goodies too!  Although I've seen it more than once, I'm recording Baby Face--a great movie, IMO--and one I've never seen, Illicit.  I love those early pre-code movies.



@kaydee50  Another fan of those pre-code movies.  Baby Face is a goodie.  Love that movie.

I've never seen Illicit either.  Will defininetly watch that movie too. 

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Thanks, @catter70 --  I had totally forgotten this was upcoming.


In addition to "Executive Suite",  the noir film "Clash by Night"  (coming on soon at 1:00 p.m Eastern) is excellent, even with its bleak aspects.  Stanwyck great as always, as well as Robert Ryan and the under-rated Paul Douglas. 


Searingly directed by another great, Fritz Lang.


My favorite, "classic age of Hollywood" actress",  endlessly fascinating Stanwyck.



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@Oznell , I'm glad you saw my post. I'm okay to let everyone know what's on, but you're the best at telling us about these movies. I always enjoy your input about these great films.

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Hey, that's so kind of you, @catter70 ,  thanks, and thanks again for the alert.  Because of you, I managed to catch a little of the arch verbal fencing between pros Robert Ryan and Stanwyck, so enjoyable.

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TCM really is going to have some fantastic old movies in their line up....movies from the 1930's and up and running 24 hours.  I sure will be recording alot!


Rebel Without A Cause...OMG..James Dean!

Splendor In The Grass

Requiem For a Heavyweight....for my DH

Calling Dr Kildare

I Remember Mama

An Affair To Remember...Cary grant



And don't forget some musicals...

Bye Bye Birdie

The Music Man

Meet Me In St Louis

Of course we have to have some Elvis


These are just a few I will watch but there are so many more for anyone who loves classic movies.

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Yes,all good movies on TCM today,re watched many!