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What has happened to this beloved channel?  Are they under new management?  IMHO they are showing some really horrible movies, and movies from 2000 are considered classic?


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Nope you're not the only one - I scanned through the next month and didn't tag anything.

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I can't help but think that after Comcast moved TCM to the Sports Package, there were alot of meetings at TCM. Wonder how many viewers TCM lost with that move.


Now they are trying to widen their viewership and try to appeal to a younger demographic.

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@Imaoldhippie@denisemb ~ I agree!  Certainly cah-rappy choices.  Back to Netflix and Amazon, which is great!


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So glad I have some of my favorites on DVD .. The Letter .... Sunset Blvd.

Kitty Foyle and Mildres Peirce .....and many others ....

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You should join the Message Boards over at TCM to read about and engage about this topic.  Always a conversation about what constitutes a "classic."  Purists contend it's only films made during the Hollywood Studio System.  Personally, I consider some of my favorites from the 80s to now be "classic."

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I was thinking the same thing.

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I was a longtime TCM fan. However, some of their recent offerings make no sense. Pretty soon they'll start running commercials. It's very disappointing.

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I've not watched lately either. I just looked ahead to to the Christmas lineup and there are some good old Christmas movies from Dec. 19th-24th where the lineup stops. Just to name a few, The Bishops Wife, Bell, Book and Candle, Desk Set, Going My Way, The Angel of 10th Ave., Susan Slept Here and more.

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It went out with Robert Osbourne.