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Re: T Rav pleads guilty and gets a slap on the wrist

Never heard of that person

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Re: T Rav pleads guilty and gets a slap on the wrist

Snipped from several articles....


"the woman was not in court for the sentencing" 

She wrote a letter to the judge which he read during sentencing.


T Rav:  "On the night of the incident, I did attempt to kiss her and in doing so I grabbed her arm and that was wrong, and I am much appreciative of the opportunity to apologize to her in court today,” he told the judge."


Nanny:  "The incident took place in January 2015. 

he took his clothes off, put her hand on his privates and then grabbed hers.   Sustained injuries when the underwire of her bra cut her and her shirt got wrapped around her neck, causing breathing difficulty."


"Ravenel was arrested for assault and battery in the second degree in September 2018."


"After escaping the assault, the victim called her then ex-husband and sister and told them of the incident, fled the scene and notified several family members of the incident. Photographs were then taken immediately of the injuries to her neck and chest,” the affidavit states. “Detectives corroborated the incident date and location through employment records of the victim and defendant, and interviewed multiple witnesses, to be named at the court’s discretion, who substantiated the post-assault information. Detectives also retrieved the photographs taken by the victim, which are appropriately time-stamped in reference to the incident.


Full articles can be read from:  copy/paste link--->




My personal opinion...

Judging from the various news articles I've read, the nanny never went to the police after the "incident."


"Penetration rape" did NOT occur.  No evidence-No rape kit, no hospital records.


In a very detailed letter that the nanny wrote to the judge, she NEVER mentioned anything that would be considered "rape" in the court of law (or in my mind either).  Sexual assault yes, rape nope!


In one article I read, the nanny did not report anything until 5 months after the "incident."


I see why T Rav got off w/just a "slap on the wrist."  No "sexual" charges were ever filed.  However, I am confused as to why he was not charged with aggravated sexual assault w/force based on the nanny's affidavit & photos.  Maybe the Carolinas do not have that type of charge? confused.gif

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Re: T Rav pleads guilty and gets a slap on the wrist

So I wonder if he'll be back on the show? LOL