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@Susan423 wrote:
When Kelee complained about Dan touching her hair. And then they showed a clip of her flipping her hair in his face, left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm glad Kelee is gone.

Wow.  So he's allowed to touch her hair because she flipped it.  Ouch.  If she adjusted her shorts then he can touch her butt?



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Watching this weeks episode didn't sit right.  Everything they show of Dan is editing so we don't hear every conversation.  Didn't Kelee mention in the first that she doesn't like touching and was a germophobe?   That would also be a reason why any touching would bother her.  These people are also living with each other which allows people to let their guards down.  When the producer told her she could come to them if she didn't feel safe - she said she was OK now that Janet was there.


I agree with the comments in the show that these acusations can ruin people and their careers.  For the girls who used those accusations as game play - that was horrible?

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This season to me is the pits.  When Rob and Sandra come on I forward it.  So tired of looking at those 2.  Last nights episode I mostly forwarded it too.  Still enjoy the challeges but that is about it this season. Next season with these 2 back on I may just have to skip it. Maybe after watching it since the beginning it is time to hang my hat up. There is so much more to entertain me beside Rob and Sandra.


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Seasons back, wasn't Russell Hantz' nephew booted off for being creepy over some other female contestant?  It was so long ago it's hard to recall.


Regarding Dean voting Kellee off after Kellee had saved his neck at the prior tribal council - that was really low, but we should all know on Survivor that there really is no loyalty anymore.  That has been gone since the days of Colby and that I think was the 2nd season.  You could say BR was indeed loyal to Amber back in the day when he had fallen in love with her but I think that's a little different.


The problem for me w/this season is there is really no one that I feel I can really get behind and root for.  I predict a woman will win (hardly any men left at this point)).  Janet is OK and Elaine is OK but not sure either can make it til the end.  If they are unable to win any immunity challenges I think they will be gone.  I think it will be another winner that we won't remember by the time the next season starts.

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@illinois8 wrote:

I was disgusted at watching Survivor last night.  You do not make gameplay from accusing someone of harassment.  It's horriible for the victim, but you can't accuse someone and then go back and say they didn't do it.  You destroy people's lives with those accusations.  We saw Dan touching people, and I know editing factors in too, but it was beyond unreal how they accuse him, deny it to Janet and then act like it's not a big deal.  Those girls are dangerous!  Employees and employers of Kellee and the other accusers better watch themselves with those girls around, they have zero integrity and they proved it on national tv.  Someone should have knocked the you know what out of Dan after he touched someone the first time.  CBS felt they needed to flash a warning on the screen, they were taking this seriously, which they should, but these girls are scary.  They thought nothing of trying to destroy Dan on national tv.  I felt terrible for Janet.  She went to bat for these girls and she was played by them.  Sick!


I really feel Survivor has brought in way too many social issues on the show to "educate" us.  Honestly, I'm tired of it.  Aside from Elaine and Janet, the whole lot is beyond awful, they're a bunch of boo hoo baby cryers and they should have stayed home in their playpen and let some real men and women play the game this season.  I've watched since the beginning and  think I'm finished with Survivor.

Why was Kellee lumped with other accusers? She has every right to feel the way she feels, not wanting someone to invade her personal space. I think I have a bit more info after listening to the episode's podcast, in that Kellee told Dan early on about not wanting to be touched.


That clip they showed where Dan touching Kellee's hair, Kellee's reaction is IMO of someone who finds that behavior unacceptable. 


The part that I highlighted is why I think Kellee will be negatively affected by that episode. There will be many people that think the way you do, in that she has no right feeling the way she feels. Kellee did not file a sexual harrassment lawsuit, but was voicing how uncomfortable she felt. 


OK, getting off my soapbox.

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@LoriLori wrote:

@gardenman wrote:

We'll have to see what happens in future weeks, because Survivor is taped many months before it airs. I'm guessing there will be additional issues with Dan which could explain production's handling of last night's show. If there are no further issues with Dan, then CBS owes him a serious apology. Survivor isn't like Big Brother where the game is being played while the show airs and the editing has to be done on the fly. They probably finished filming this season of Survivor months ago. Production has had tons of time to put the show together and they know what's going to happen where we don't. I'm guessing there will be future issues with Dan and they used last night's show to set the stage for what's to come. If Dan ends up getting booted by production a few weeks from now, their treatment of him this week will make a lot more sense. We'll have to see what happens.




They film both seasons back-to-back.  Filming used to start in May but 'm guessing becaiuse they experienced the hurricane last year they moved it up in hopes of avoiding another cyclone.


These seasons are being shown in order (last year's were flipped) so this:

season 39 filmed from March 21 - April 28

Season 40 flmed from May 22 - Jun 30


G-man, I can't imagine your scenario of more trouble up the road with Dan and here's why:


If they let him stay now only to boot him later for continued behavior they knew about already and aired this episode with its warning and subtitles,  the show and the network will be in for a world of anger, criticism and bad PR for letting him stay last night. 

I think it's over and I hope it's over; if it's not they're showing themselves to be even worse hypocrites than they already seem as of last night.

The thing is they didn't know when they let him stay if he'd misbehave later. They don't have a crystal ball while filming, but they have hindsight in the editing. They can't edit him out of the existing, pre-taped shows if he gets expelled two or three weeks later, especially if he wins immunity or a luxury comp. They could have fairly easily edited around the whole thing this past week if they'd wanted to and we'd have never known about it. Instead, they highlighted it instead of edited around it. 


Why highlight it now? To show they're socially aware, or to set the stage for his expulsion that's to come? If they waited until he was expelled to show anything, and it looked like they ignored the earlier complaints against him, they could be in even more trouble from the fans. At least this way they've shown him misbehaving, shown they took steps to try and intervene, thought everything was okay, then he acted up again later, so he's gone.


I haven't read the spoilers for this year, so for all I know, Dan might not get expelled and might win the whole thing. But, setting the stage for future action against him could help explain the editing we saw on this past week's show. If there isn't anything he does wrong the rest of the way, then they really did him and most of the cast a disservice with the editing of Wednesday's show. The producers have the big advantage of knowing what's to come in future episodes. Knowing what's to come lets them edit the episodes leading up to a big event in such a way as to frame that event. I could be wrong, but I think they edited Wednesday's show to set the stage for future action against Dan.


We'll have to see what happens down the road.

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@gardenman  -


Hmmmm.  I still agree with me (surprise!) but your explanation is very interesting and plausible.  I really enjoyed reading it and now you've convinced me it's not a foregone conclusion I'm more interested in seeing it play out, as interested as anything this season which is to say, not much.  Great post!

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Disagree with half your post above.


ITA and I tihnk a lot of us do that there's no one to get behind that looks to have a chance.


And disagree that loyalty has been gone for a long timel.  I don't think loyalty's been gone at all.  We've seen a lot of loyalty in recent seasons, last season being one example.  

And while this doesn't go exactly under loyalty, Devens opting to make fire with Chris showed so much character and I will always love that and they were both winners, Chris got the money and Devens kudos and I think we'll see him again.


Like I posted, when it's returnees -- and this will be all winners, Sandra (ugh) multiple -- it will be fun to see them turn on their friends, the alliances they made before they ever left.



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@jellyBEAN wrote:

Seasons back, wasn't Russell Hantz' nephew booted off for being creepy over some other female contestant?  It was so long ago it's hard to recall...



That was Willie Hantz and he was kicked off Big Brother.


Those Hantzes!  Russell was sued by the show for spoiliing the boot order deliberately (he admitted it) but that was his fourth time playing.


Brandon was banned from his reunion show.  During his season he had a big time fight with another ahem well-balanced person, Philip the self-styled "Secret Agent," "Stealth," etc.  Brandon really lost it on him and was voted out.


He was banned from the reunion not for something he did but because after the show was taped Russell threatened Philip, maybe Uncle Willie did too and they considered it too volatile to have him there with Secret Agent Stealth.

They downplayed it by putting all nonjury members in the audience so it wasn't as obvious.



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If I was a juror, I don't think I would award a player a million dollars for the game play of those younger women - using the older woman and also using the "me too" movement - just don't think I would give them one million and I'm pretty sure the older women and men also won't be voting for those younger gals should they end up in final two.