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@DrKelli wrote:

...I really don't like returning player seasons, but I will come here to read the comments.


Someitmes I agree with that, sometimes not but next season IMO will be epic because you've got the best schemers, liars, challenge players, social games, athleticism. 


No lazy ones, no arguing over who will make fire, hopefully no fighting over building shelter.  Groups of friends IRL with pre-show alliances, watching those alliances crumble and the best blindsiders blindsided should be a lot of fun.  I loved when Rob said he'd vote Amber off, and he would and she would vote him too.


Last night thinking CBS would stay with the vote I was desperately scrambling at the last minute for the spoiler of who won 39.  The show was taped hours and hours ago!  Not a single spoiler.  But I ran into even more 40 spoilers (returnees = bigmouths, the whole boot order is on a Reddit and a subReddit and copied by Sux, etc.) and it didn't ruin it entirely --


-- because part of me is even more ready to see how it plays out.  Should be must-see tv!

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I didn't hate the finale, actually thought it was pretty good, but I agree with others that the winner was lackluster throughout the game. Even so, he was chosen the winner so congratulations to Tommy Sheehan. 


I was disappointed early in the night when Janet was voted out. I was such a fan of hers and was rooting for her to win. Last night on RHAP Stephen Fishbach said he was glad that Dean played the idol nullifier against her because, since she had an idol and was extremely proficient at making fire, it would have been too easy for her to get to the end and it should never be that easy. I totally disagree--Janet did not have an easy time of it in the game--certainly no easier than anyone else. And Dean, who had both an idol (thought he didn't need to use it) and won the fire making challenge, failed to win the game. 


Anyway, that was a big disappointment for me but it meant I didn't have to care who won after that--which really isn't a plus. I'd much rather be invested all the way to the end. Here's to hoping season 40 will be a better one. 


I guess the most important thing I have to say about last night is...Thank you Sia! She gave away $215,000 (that I know about). She must really love the game! HeartSmiley Happy



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I was also cheering for Janet and was sad when she didn't make it to the end. It was great to sign a strong, mature woman make it so far in the game since often they are targeted at the beginning for being weak. 


This season's final 3 were definitely not who I expected to make it to the end. As many others have said, Tommy wasn't the most exciting player...probably won't remember him. 


I've been a Survivor fan from the start. Overall this season wasn't the most entertaining. I hope the next season will be more interesting eventhough I've rarely liked the shows that have return guests. 

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I wanted Dean to win. 


When he was running around looking for the clues and found it in the bamboo, it was so exciting. 


Janet, Janet, Janet - never ask people to vote for you.  I know she's popular with a lot of fans, but I didn't care for her.

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@Bri369  Finally another who disliked Janet and was happy to see her go. I wanted Dean to win as well but the jury seldom chooses my pick for the win.

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My favorite players were Elaine and Janet.   When Nora made it to the final 3 I was rooting for her to win just because I felt the other 2 were boring.  At least that isn't an adjective to describe Nora.  

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i was reading this article and stunned when i saw these statistics......


there have now been 130 votes cast at the final Tribal Councils over the past 14 seasons, and 104 of those votes have gone to men and only 26 to women. And the past five seasons have been a horror show in the gender disparity department. Not only have men won five straight times, and not only has each of those five seasons featured two male finalists and only one female finalist, but check out the breakdown of jury votes. Including Laurel’s tiebreaker vote, 52 votes for a winner have been cast at the past five final Tribal Councils. Of those 52 votes, 50 have gone to men.


Tommy: He becomes the first person to win Survivor without winning the final four fire-making competition.

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Survivor cast men and women equally . If some has a problem with how the jury votes they should ask them why they voted that way. We as viewers don't have a say.

Wrong is still wrong just because you benefited from it.
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We've had a number of women winners in Survivor and many of them will be back in the new season, so the voting isn't always unfavorable. In the most recent season, Norah stabbed the other women in the back, so I don't blame them not voting for her. My suspicion is the recent voting was simply an anomaly. Just counting votes without looking out how the women played can give you a skewed perspective. Should an undeserving woman who was dragged along as a easy person to beat win simply because she's a woman? No. It should go to the best player. If a woman had clearly been the best player in those seasons and gotten passed over, then it would be note worthy, but I don't remember that being the case.

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