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Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie...

A 93-year old Holocaust survivor recounts escaping Vienna as a teen, fighting in the French Resistance and being captured and sent to Auschwitz. 


NetFlix: BBC Historical Documentaries 2015 



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Re: Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie...

@Sweet_Serenity Thanks for the heads up!  I wrote it down in my notebook so I'll be sure to watch it.


Thanks again.  You know, I feel like I owe it to everyone who lost family members to watch everything I can about this subject.


I wish we saw more about it.  I've said it before that this country is so young and everything moves so fast nothing is in the news for very long.


It's as if 9/11 is only mentioned the day before and the day of and after that, it's on with other news.


Something like the Holocaust needs to be talked about, taught and never forgotten.


I saw something recently where there are actually people who don't think it ever happened!  That's unbelievable to me!


But there are idiots everywhere, I guess.  I also saw where recently a famous painting was returned to the family that it was taken from by the Natzi's.


Here's one article but there are many.  This isn't the one I was thinking of but it's about one of the many, many paintings stolen and returned:

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Re: Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie...





True story...


If you have not already watched must see. 


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Re: Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie...

Thank you for the heads-up.  The story of the Holocaust must never be allowed to fade and die.


Of note, The Hartford Courant yesterday ran a compelling article about Matilda Olkin, a martryed college student in LIthuania, whose poetry spoke of the Nazis closing in on her village.  She has been called the Anne Frank of Lithuania.  


A University of Hartford professor was instrumental in locating the site where Matilda and has family were executed by Nazi collaborators, and a fitting memorial has been placed there.  

Fortunately, her poetry and diary were hidden.  The Smithsonian Magazine will be publishing an article about her in November.


She wrote, as the Nazis were closing in on her village:

"The heavens are so far away, and so sweet.  And so are the stars in the heavens.  The fragrant wind kisses me.  And I don't know - what for."



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Re: Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie...

I am fascinated with the Holocaust. Possibly because my grand parents and family came from Poland. We have an elderly friend that had the tatoo. His family was killed and he was spared to grow vegetables. Such a very nice man. They were poles and catholic. There are many good documentaries on Netflix as well. Also the Zoo Keepers Wife was very good and true. Also The Monuments Men with Clooney was very good.

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Re: Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie...

I watched this. Very interesting.