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She sure looks like her Mom!


Suri Cruise cumple 18

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@KingstonMom Nice photo, I think she looks like her dad too.

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Pretty girl.  Wonder how she feels about being stalked for pics?  That must be hard.

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Gal on the left isn't crazy about it.

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I think she looks like her mom too.😃

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Time sure does fly, so grown up. I think she favors her mother. Now that she is 18 I wonder if she will have more of a relationship with her father or siblings, or was it Tom's choice to not have a relationship with her due to his religious beliefs of Scientology (since she's not a member can he not have her present in his life)?

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Doubt she wants him in her life! 

Yes, IIRC Tom has chosen his religion over Suri. Seems like a selfish choice, but didn't that have a lot to do with the divorce from her mother too?

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Wow!  I remember when her mom used to carry her around.


She resembles both her mom and dad, imo.


Beautiful girl.  


Maybe she and her dad keep in touch 'behind the scenes', so to speak.....


Hope so.


Wishing all of them well.


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That was a fast 18 years. Seems like just yesterday she was being carried around everywhere by her mom.

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Re: Suri Cruise turns 18!

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Suri is a very pretty girl! She could be a model or an actress if she wants to be one Smiley Happy