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I have Netflix, HULU ( I got at the Black Friday price of $.99),  Amazon Prime, Disney+, and HBO Max. I like HBO Max, Netflix, and HULU. I hardly ever watch Amazon Prime and get Disney+ free from a promotion (I could do without it). I don't currently have it but have had AppleTV+ which at $4.99 a month is a real bargain. They have some good original content. I find myself taking shows and movies off my watchlist, with so many streaming services I don't have enough time to watch it all and have become more selective. 

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@kaydee50 wrote:

Do any streaming services offer TCM?  And if you have 3 or 4 services, what is the cost???


DH has been doing some research into switching from cable.  We have 3 TVs.  From what he has determined in order to get the channels we now have with cable, we wouldn't be saving much, if anything.  

@kaydee50   YouTube TV has TCM.  It also has all of your LOCAL stations as well as cable stations.  Depending on where you live determines how many "basic" stations you get.  The minimum amount is around 80 or 90 (basic).  You can go to their website, enter your zip code will show you ALL the "basic" channels you will get.  The premium channels cost $$$.  The basic price is $65/mo.  They either have a FREE week or a FREE month trial.

You can purchase YouTube TV as a stand-a-lone app or purchase through Verizon FIOS.  You pay Verizon instead of YouTube TV.


I have Fire TV/Amazon Prime (FREE.  I am on some kind of family acct through my children.  Christmas gift 3 yrs ago.


Netflix - FREE from my car dealership


YouTube TV $65/month (I do the trial periods of the premium stations then cancel when my time is up)


Since I get YT-TV, internet (landline phone is FREE) through Verizon FIOS (long time customer in good standing), my monthly bill is $82/month.

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I have Sling now but may switch over to Hulu+ Live TV from Sling. It's more expensive ($69.99 versus $50,) but it includes the Olympics channel, Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu also. It also has a few more channels (Golf, NBC Sports Philly) that I can't get without paying more on Sling. Sling would charge an extra $15 for the sports channels I want (Olympics and Golf) and I'm already paying $8.52 a month for Disney+. The $69.99 would end up being cheaper. $69.99 versus $73.52 ($50 for Sling+$15 for the sport add-on+$8.52 for Disney+.) I'll probably try out Hulu+ Live TV sometime next week and if I like it, switch to that. At least during the Olympics.


The nice thing with the streaming services is if you're not happy for whatever reason, you can cancel and move on at any time.

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Re: Streaming Services

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We have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount, Disney Plus, Discovery Plus.  Acorn and Britbox are included with Prime Video.  

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I had an experience with 'Vidict Media Server' for my website with streaming services. I am absolutely satisfied, the guys did well their job. Great value for the money!

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@Biftu wrote:

Do you have a favorite streaming channel?  I have Netflix but find it difficult to find many interesting movies to watch for my taste.  I had Sundance which I liked but the choices were not updated that often.  I've looked at Britbox but not sure.  Many of the channels I've searched for has movies that don't really interest me.  Since I rarely buy anything from Amazon that is an expensive option for just watching movies.  Just trying to find quality programming.

@Biftu @The problem with Netflix is searching for things to watch. Let the internet help you. Search google for best of Netflix articles. There's even a website that lists productions by IMBD ratings scores and genres. I have posted a long list of some good things here on the Forum. 

Amazon Prime is not very expensive. There are tons of things to watch. 

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@phoenixbrd wrote:



We have Sling (@Trix  TCM is included with Sling), Amazon Prime (which is inclusive in the Prime Account), Netflx, and BritBox (can't do without Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By).  We pay about $60 total for all of these services and were paying over $200 monthly to Spectrum with only Basic TV selections.  We are saving a huge amount of money and have an extensive selection compared to the basic tv service with Spectrum (with horrible service).


 We love streaming due to the extensive choices and savings (knowing that every year you could expect another significant price increase  - which was already excessively high -with Spectrum).  

We have Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon.  We'd love to cut cable but if we cut the cable TV, our internet goes thru the roof.  The only other option would be AT&T and we can only save if we bundle with them.  Do you hae a separate internet provider?  If it's Spectrum, did it go up significantly after cuting down cable?