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If you have Comcast X1 we have Starz free through Sunday.

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Really, Comcast is "giving" us Starz until Sunday. Keep it! Nothing on Startz worth watching. How about giving us HBO.

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@colleena   I have Comcast Xfinity.  Thank you for the alert.  Usually they send an e-mail; if they did I must have missed it.


Again, much appreciate the "heads up" from you.


Happy free sampling,


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@aroc3435 I agree, I kind of think they were sneaky this time.

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Just looked to see if Starz was free for me.  Nope. Weird that Xfinity would only offer it in some markets. 

BTW, Comcast NEVER sends me emails about the free trial periods. I just stumble upon them by seeing it in the On Demand menu screen. 

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@colleena @roster 


I have Comcast Xfinity1 and only can view STARZ On Demand for free now. I get HBO for free in my condo package, but there is rarely anything there to watch.