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Saw the new Star Wars tonight... The Last Jedi... and really liked it.  Lots of action, adventure and just the right amount of humor.  Hope they are working on the next one... just has to be more.  

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I'm glad you enjoyed it and there are many, many more to come. I believe they've just started filming a new series of movies based on Obi Wan Kenobi's early life. It looks like the original Star Wars trilogy will end up being at least twenty films strong before it ever peters out.

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@janz...SUPER,,,,,,,,I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT !

We are going tomorrow night.  So glad it is action pact.....popcorn here we come.

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I can't wait to see it too but I will wait until I can see it at a reasonable hour instead of between 1 and 5am in the morning here in NYC.  I would have to take a nap before and go out for breakfast go home and sleep!  LOL


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my son is seeing it right now.

$15 a ticket? wow, the price of movie tickets really is going up and up!


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We liked it too.


I thought it lacks" character interactions" like Hans and Leia. In fact the actor that plays Rey said almost the same thing. I think she said it was hard to act towards a screen and not another actor. 


It could be 20 minutes shorter and not effect the movie.



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Looking forward to it on Tuesday. My boss (dean of college) is a Theatre major and takes his staff to great movies at the holidays. This will be our second year for Star Wars. We tease and say -- what better way to have a holiday office party than sitting in the dark, focus on movie, and not having to speak to one another. Fun group. They really are. 

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Ok, for those that saw the movie did ya'll recognize Prince Harry & Prince William who were.....

stormtroopers????Smiley LOL

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Just read today they are working on Episode IX to be released 2019.  

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I understand Carrie Fisher's Frenchie, Gary, has a bit part where he appears as some sort of "space pet."


My daughter saw the movie this past weekend; she loved it.