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am Re: SpectrumCharter pulled all Disney owned channels

I am upset with both companies just on behalf of my father.  He is 83 years old and loves nothing more than watching Alabama and Auburn football.  He does not have internet, other than on his phone, so he was really upset about this, the past 2 weekends.  

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Re: SpectrumCharter pulled all Disney owned channels

@Goodie2shoes wrote:

@ elated wrote: You only get 15 channels on Spectrum. I know they have 150 channels select but haven't heard of 15. Please let me know how you got this program. Very interesting.


You can choose 15 of the major channels that you watch on a regular basis and your bill is based on those channels but you still get your local channels (fox, abc,nbc etc)  I don't watch the food network, ESPN and a few others I can't recall at this moment so I dropped those. I do watch TBS, Bravo, TLC,BET and several others which make up my 15 channels. Spectrum will explain of course. Hope that helps.


@Goodie2shoes I phoned Spectrum yesterday and asked to speak with an agent in their Retention Department. The wait time was 30 minutes, so it does appear many people are making cable changes. We decided to go with the 15 Channel, plus local channels plan, plus internet. I did add the entertainment package, because we like to watch TCM. The agent from Spectrum locked the cost in for one year, with no gradual increases. It brought my bill down by about $60 per month. I would suggest making a list of your desired 15 channels, before you call, remembering local channels will be added without being part of your 15 channel pick. The Retention Department agent was very helpful. We are happy with the change.