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Anyone have Spectrum Cable and currently experiencing an outage?

It appears to be widespread.

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Yes, I can only get a few channels. 

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Oh no, my parents have Spectrum.. I'll tell them to switch over to the other TV; it has Roku.  Thanks for the heads-up.

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Our cable is working but there was a loud buzzing during a show we were watching 8-9 pm.

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Boy am I glad you started this thread, yes Spectyrum on several channels is what we call digitizing and it's very annoying! 

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Last night we had problems and then again tonight.  Had to listen to husband carry on and on and on.  Finally I said "just call them."  So he did and they said they were working on it and it would be fixed by midnight.  It came on very shortly after he called.  

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We've had Spectrum for less than a year, so it's still relatively new to us.  We're very pleased with it, but I had no idea what was going on tonight.  I kept trying to delete things I'd recorded and it wouldn't delete.


Then I tried to switch back to a regular program and that didn't work either.  I tried the reboot button on the DVR; no dice.  So I finally called the number on the screen and found out immediately there was an outage.  They would've called me, when it was restored, but they don't call after 9:00 p.m. and it was already past that.


It came back on shortly afterwards.  Even with this we're really pleased with the service we get from Spectrum.  Our previous provider (the only one we could have at that time) would leave us without service for days; kept you hanging on the phone for (literally) hours just to speak to someone.


I'll know for next time!

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we have had spectrum/charter cable for 25yrs.we get their phone/cable/internet pkg. and they have been really good, in our area. i always check their website first, for outage updates.

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Re: Spectrum Cable

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Our Spectrum cable and our neighbors started to buffer and not turn channels or the channels were blank. The only channel that worked was channel 9 here in upstate New York where we live.

My things stopped taping and we checked our other TVs in the bedrooms and they all did the same. I reset my bedroom DVR box but it didn't help. So we just went to bed as it was around our bedtime anyways.

Everything is fine today. We very rarely have any problem with our service. Expensive but we are homebodies and enjoy our service.

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We stream with Spectrum and it was a mess yesterday.  The picture would go out of focus then pop back into focus then go back out of focus. This was happening every 30 seconds or so.  Then it would go out, buffer and pop back in.  I finally just shut it off because it was so bad.