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The Sopranos began their great run in 1999...very hard to believe it has been that long.


I loved the show but back then I had a multitude of things going on in my life and seldom had quiet time to sit, relax and enjoy a show.


While surfing through HBO Max, I came upon the show and decided to watch the very first episode.  It certainly stands the test of time.  The acting and writing were off the charts.  I had forgotten how many funny moments were in the show, especially between Tony (Antny) and his mother, Livvy played by Nancy Marchand.


If you are ever at loss for a good show, check it out.

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Some series have come close, but nothing tops Sopranos. Brilliant writing, acting, everything!!!! Even the sound track is superb.

You're hitting all my favorite notes today @Mersha !!!!

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So many memorable lines.


F____ing albacore around my neck!


Revenge is like serving cold cuts.


There’s no stigmata connected with going to a shrink.


At least one gem in every episode.

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Uncle Jr. rules ! Tony's mother was a horror !!

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I watched but it was never a fave of mine. 

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Sopranos was my favorite series along with Mad Men.

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"That woman could fall in a sewer and come up with

gold bracelets".



Uncle Jr. commenting on Tony's old bat mother.

All that woman did was gripe and go on. Tony treated her like a Queen and all he got for his trouble was

attitude.  Nursing home he was paying like 7,000 a month for and all she did was gripe she was in a ghetto


Crazy old toad.

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After the movie "The many Saints of Newark" came out with James Gandolfini's son I was inspired to watch the series again.  I enjoyed it when it first was on, and thought it would be a good binge watch.


I was pleasantly surprised by how much I remembered, the humorous parts were just as funny the second time, and I actually picked up on some things that I either missed or didn't remember.  It was worth the time.  After I finished, I actually watched the Many Saints movie again, also picking up on things that I missed the first time around.


I wish there were more high quality series like this on today.  It seems like there are no new fresh ideas coming out of Hollywood, and TV is fraught with remakes of series that were successful 30 years ago, that don't even come close to the originals.


Time to revisit Six Feet Under, Mad Men and Homicide, Life on the Streets.

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I was a fan of the Soprano series.....'Paulie Walnuts' (Tony Sirico) made me laugh with his one-liners.