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I read an article today in which Christine claims she decided to leave Kody due to his attitude and actions concerning their daughter's health issues/scoliosis surgery. She said their daughter was at a level 10 on the pain scale all the time as the issue was quite severe.


Christine raised 50k on her own and the hospital agreed to let her pay the rest off in payments. The bill was close to 450,000. I'm not certain if it's paid off or not at this time but she has purchased a 1.1 million dollar duplex in Utah with one of her daughters.

I guess reality tv pays well.

I believe she received 800,000 for her house. It seems all of the women are able to make money (outside the show) and can be quite creative when need be except Robyn.

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I saw a preview of Kody carrying on and saying something to Christine about all the sacrifices he made to love her.  What sacrifices?  He's bed hopping (until Covid) and it seems to me, the women are the ones who've made all the sacrifices, by sharing him - prize that he is...NOT.   It surely sounded like a grudging comment by him, IMO. A statement like that would have had me packing my bags.  I don't blame Christine a bit. It wouldn't surprise me if Janelle is next.  Meri is so desperate, she'll stay and take the crumbs. 

Mary is his first wife!  I think she genuinely loves him.