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@mousiegirl  Bonnie is Meri's mother.

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I can not STAND MERI.  Cry baby.... cheater...... complainer...... waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


Even her one and only daughter can not stand her.

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I think Meri wants out of the sister wives family.  If she ever meets someone legitimate and falls in love, she's probably going to sever the ties.  If she hadn't been catfished, she'd already be gone.

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The ONLY reason Meri was "catfished" is because she was looking for love in all the wrong places.  If she had not been online looking, it wouldn't have happened.  So, I don't feel sorry for her and she isn't an innocent victim.  According to what I've read online, Meri is living in Utah.   She only visits the family when they need her to film an episode. 

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@sunshine 919 wrote:

@Eileen in Virginia wrote:

I haven’t watched Sister Wives in awhile and didn’t watch it the other night. At some level, Kodi and the other wives probably see her as the cause of most of their problems. Before she was fired from her job as a guidance counselor, she and Jannelle were the primary wage earners in the group. Once the show became popular, the authorities couldn’t turn a blind eye to their illegal lifestyle any longer and the 🤬 hit the fan. IMHO the best thing Meri could have done was divorce Kodi. She is no longer legally tied to him and her daughter is an adult, so Meri’s free to pursue her own interests, get counseling to deal with her issues and get away from that toxic “family” situation. 

Thats right Meri was working, I had forgotten about that.  I think Janelle was a nurse? anyway I agree with you.  Kodi is almost to the part of becomming evil.  He talks to them bad.

@sunshine 919


No, I don't think Janelle was a nurse. She has a head for business and I believe she was a CPA or some sort of business manager.

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I wonder if the illusion of security and comfort females feel in cults is wearing off with Meri.

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Where did she get the money, does she work


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@pennysmom wrote:

Where did she get the money, does she work


All the wives work in their own home businesses.  They each may even have more than one or partner with another wife (or wives).  They have to work.  Kody certainly couldn’t support four wives, four mortgages, everyday household bills, and a gazillion kids on his salary alone.  I’m not 100% certain how it all works but I think each wife keeps a portion of her earnings and a portion gets pooled for the rest of the family’s expenses.  Meri had a chunk of her own money for her down payment but at first it wasn’t enough.  That’s why she was looking for help from the others.  When Kody said there were no community funds to help her, she ultimately got the bank to accept a smaller down payment that she could cover on her own.  

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I'm not certain about the timeframe of the catfishing and her divorce.  If the divorce happened first, then I can see how she would have been very vulnerable and subject to this sort of manipulation.


However, I can also see Mariah's not seeing her as a total victim because theoretically at least, she was still "married" to Cody - in the whole sister wife scenario - and only "divorced" to enable him to adopt Robyn's kids.


The whole situation is dysfunctional.  If Meri is truly making a break now, that is probably the healthiest thing she could do.  I hope her relationship with Mariah continues to improve.



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I've been watching this show  since the beginning.   At first out of curiosity.    I lived in Utah for a few years , work related, I'm not LDS,  but the LDS women I worked with would not really discuss polygamy.  Would just say it's against the law.   They don't align themselves with lack of a better word that Sect.  There religion though started out on that premise.  There is a lot I learned about the Mormon religion while living there and in my opinion is very , very different from mine ,  I'm catholic and has many strange practices  .


I do think Meri wants out and getting that house in Parawan is a start towards that.  I think once Robyn became his legal wife which she was originally that is when things changed in her mind.   I just will never understand this way if living if your human how is it you can share a husband without any jealousy at all ,  also there has to be lot of drama behind the scene that we don't know about or see ,  there must be.  One last thing ,  Mary's daughter could be a little more understanding,  I find her lacking emotion.