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Does 'anybody' like the show Sister Wives - and if so, '''why'' ????

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No, boring.   😴

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Just watched it for the first and last time ever....definately not my cup of tea..

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Re: Sister Wives tv show

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@sarahpanda    The first time I watched it was last year.  Interesting but not a life for me.  The man is unattractive and having all those women must boost his ego.  It seems like they raised their children well not pushing their beliefs on them or that is what I thought.  It can't be easy for these families to live where people do not welcome them.  They moved to Flagstaff, AZ last season and purchased land and are going to build one large home or multiple homes.

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I quit watching ages ago. Kody is a jerk and those women aren't too bright.

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I do because it is a study of how multiple wife marriages are so completely disfunctional.

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It's sickening.........  imo

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I can't believe they are all still together.  None of them seem happy.  The women not only raise the children but also seem to be the ones who make the money.  He dreams his dreams and makes them do whatever he decides - and they go along with it. They pick up & move every few years for no known reason - leaving the poor kids with their lives turned upside down.   It is hard to believe in this day & age that women choose to allow this to be their life.  However, I do believe if you are not hurting others or forcing anyone to go along with you (but what about those kids), you are entitled to choose your own path.  I wish them all happiness even if their choices make no sense to me.  

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Re: Sister Wives tv show

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@sarahpanda wrote:

Does 'anybody' like the show Sister Wives - and if so, '''why'' ????

I use to.  I was interested in how women could share their husbands.  They use to live together in one home when they lived in Utah I thought it would be interesting.  Then they moved to vegas and all of a sudden they each had their own home in a culdesac and they actually argued about sizes of the houses.  Kody never seemed to do much. For at  least two seasons it seemed Robin was either pregnant of nursing all the time.  
I will probably tune in once in a while.  I keep thinking one of the women will leave.  Christine seems to be the one who really is into Kody, and Kody seems to be into Robin who is the only legal wife.

For whatever reason the kids seem to be very polite and nice.  Robin's kids with Kody seem to have behavior issues.
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I have watched it since the beginning. I had thought last season was to be the end, but, I see they have a new show tonight in their new location of Flagstaff, AZ. 

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