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Re: Shows featuring house flipping

I got disgusted with HGTV quite a few years ago and never watch it any more.  I can remember when I picked a cable provider because they carried it and it was about all I watched all day.  When they became "the real estate channel", I moved on.


They have been numerous lawsuits filed by the buyers of HGTV remodeled house due to serious defects.

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Re: Shows featuring house flipping

Ths Old House, past and current iterations, is the most informative home show I've ever seen.  You learn so much and the progression of the restoration gives a more realistic overview of what to expect.

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Re: Shows featuring house flipping

My husband is a house flipper. What frustrates us is that we KNOW you cannot update and make changes for the money they quote. Time lines are unrealistic. FAKE TV! But we watch anyway because we like to pick them apart! Haha

My husband does beautiful work. He has a formula and he sticks to it. He just did a hoarder house. It turned out amazing and sold quickly. This is a very iffy time to take on a flip. The market is changing.
That's the other thing, most of these shows were filmed quite a while ago.

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Re: Shows featuring house flipping

I've read that much of it is fake. A couple of shows on HGTV are involved in lawsuits as well. One is Love It Or List It. They did a home that basically fell apart.

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Re: Shows featuring house flipping

A house on our street is being flipped.  The owners are doing a great job, lots of new drywall, they scraped the ceilings  and painted the exterior.  They also tore off a front porch that never looked that great, I never understood the reason my friend added that to the front of the house, it only collected leaves.  

 I talked to the owners yesterday and they picked that house beause of the neighborhood.   


The area is a standard middle class neighborhood, decent people for the most part and most everyone takes pride in their home, just not a wealthy area.  My good friend lived in the house and the people she sold it to lost it to foreclosure....they also made a mess of the inside.

The updates are really nice and it won't be on the market long once it is listed.


I agree about HGTV, it is not the channel it used to be.  I miss the older style of shows.

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Re: Shows featuring house flipping

I really enjoy a show on the magnolia network called Restored. He only works on older homes and restores them to their original beauty. 

I am in flipping overload. Too many shows with the same format. 

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Re: Shows featuring house flipping



I love Brett Waterman, too.  He does beautiful work & does his homework too


You would also love Jeff Devlin.   He's in Pennsylvania & does restorations on houses built in the 1700s & 1800s.


His show is Stone House Revival.   If you can't find it on HGTV you may be able to find him on YouTube.


Jonathan Knight used to sing with New Kids on the Block.  His show is Farmhouse Fixer, he does a pretty good job.  He's been very successful in real estate for many years.   He tries to stay true to the original character of a home.

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Re: Shows featuring house flipping

Aesthetics in design contains opinion. I think it's sad when a beautifully carved older fireplace is demolished because a slick large tiled one might increase the selling price, or it's stuccoed over. Wooden cabinets are ripped apart rather than being saved - if not for that house for another or someone else.


15-20 years from now, people will think current home designs & decorating are passe and will be tearing down kitchen islands, granite & quartz countertops, walk-in showers, current light fixtures, flooring, wallpaper, etc.


I understand replacing things that are no longer functioning and making lifestyle improvements (HVAC, appliances, insulation, windows, new quality flooring, etc.), but some of the thoughtless demolition & waste are discouraging.