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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

I don't watch her, but have seen her being interviewed several times.  I was very surprised at how hateful she was behaving.  


If her staff is being treated this way, then, yes, she should be fired if she won't leave voluntarily.  

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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

Who knows what the real truth is here?  Her program has been a huge success and has been running a number of years.  She has a huge fan base.  I guess if Ellen wants to leave she will, but I would imagine she'd want to go out on a high note, not when there is so much bad publicity floating about.


I used to watch her show but tired of it.  I do enjoy cat week videos though.  And her guests seem to really enjoy talking to her - both famous and non.


I say the choice is hers to make.  I wish this virus issue would get under control so we could at least have normal TV programming back.  I'm worried I'll be stuck here at home w/none of my favorite TV programs to watch anymore.

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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

For years I have enjoyed her show, but not so much anymore. I detest the way she treats Andy Lassner one of her EP's. She makes him do degrading things that he hates doing. No one should have to do that just to please their boss.


I am disappointed but not surprised to hear how she has treated some people. I see her do it with humor but there is always a tad of true feelings hidden behind actions.


I won't cry if her show is cancelled.

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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

@germanshepherdlove wrote:

It doesn't surprise me that Ellen's popularity has decreased.  Besides being mean, she is not aging well and her audience is getting younger and younger.  It's getting a little creepy.  She's 62 and looks 82.  


If anyone has ever seen her game show, she seems to delight in seeing contestants dropping, falling or getting slimed.  I don't find that funny and her absolute glee over it not appropriate.  

@germanshepherdlove I agree.  I was reading all the posts and wondered if someone would bring up her game show.  I have only seen snippets of her game show and it looks like she is torturing the contestants.  I don't find that entertaining.  As far as her talk show, well, it all starts at the top.  The people that she hired were apparently treating people poorly.  It may not have been Ellen herself, but she is responsible.  I had also heard years ago that she does not like children.  That may be one reason why she never had any (among others.)

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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

@Puppy Lips   I've seen her game show (parts of it here and there).


I've also seen her TV show where she'd have audience members play games on her show.


I kept thinking it was my imagination that she always had people do things that were degrading and some seemed mean.


The way she really enjoyed squirting them and  you know some of it must hurt the person.


I have never watched her game show or TV show all of the way through because they seem so mean,


There's a difference....I can't explain it, it just seems like she really enjoys being the person who applies the punishment.

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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?


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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

IMO she should have gone a long time ago. I can't stand her & never watch her shows. I think she has become to big & full of herself.

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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

When she first started I really enjoyed her show, especially her opening monologue.  I have begun to realize she really likes to humiliate and degrade people, gets a real thrill from it.


It's unfortunate as she also seems to help a lot of people.

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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

@catter70 wrote:

I stopped watching years ago, but didn't enjoy some of the tricks she pulled on people when I was watching.

I agree! At times the show's tricks and games seemed more like laughing AT people versus laughing with them. I'm not too surprised if she and the senior crew aren't the nicest people in real life. But I do find it sad that on her show she always said to be kind to people and if it really wasn't true on her show for years. Overall, she's done the show for too long, I would be ready for a fresh new face to have a talk show. But I still do miss my Oprah fix that was in the timeslot for ages...not sure if I will ever adore and watch a show as loyally as I did Oprah? 

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Re: Should Ellen DeGeneres Leave Her Show?

@Citrine1 wrote:

I guess my question is, why would a woman who has all that money, fame, and power be mean, miserable, and a nightmare to work with?  You'd think she'd be the happiest person alive.  Be grateful, be kind, be good to others.  Boggles my mind.

Typically having money and fame doesn't make people nicer. Some people are just mean. Fame and wealth make it easier for them to be that way. I always say money does not equal happiness.