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I saw it and thought it was an act. It happened after the fact, not during the show. I admire Barbara, but Lori snags inventions, then slaps her name on them. I like Robert, Daymond and Barbara. I heard Robert just separated from his wife so I'll take him!

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I was reading an article about Shark Tank and it said that some of the entrepreneurs who don't get an offer sometimes make out better than those who do. They get so much recognition from being on the show that they may get offers from other investors. Also, some of them make deals with the Sharks after the show is over.

Someone mentioned about how long the show actually takes. One of the people said that when they first come in, they have to stand there for a long time (sometimes as long as 15 - 30 minutes) before they actually begin their presentation so that the lighting and sound can be set.

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I watch every episode and I didn't think that was any big deal! I've seen O'Leary be incredibly rude and nasty. Whether it's an "act", I have no idea.

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I think some of it is an act but I also think some of it is he's just full of himself.

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I also enjoy this show and try to watch it often. I did not see this particular show, but I have heard Mark make an offer and threaten to pull it if the seller wants to hear others offers. I dislike Mr. Wonderful and have noticed that not many sellers take him up on his offers. He is rude and sometimes mean to the seller. Though I think he is trying to teach them something, he doesn't have to be so obnoxious! I really like Robert and Daymond. Both really listen to the seller and don't reject them with a putdown.

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I haven't watched the show much this season. I keep thinking about Robert (he seems sweet) and have to wonder if maybe he's doing too much and that's what caused the divorce. He's been married for a pretty long time (to some it is anyway) with a nice family.

Then he's on Shark Tank and now Dancing With the Stars. I've read where Dancing with the Stars takes up enormous amount of time and the two people spend a lot of time together.

I have also read that (surprisingly) Shark Tank takes a lot longer to film than most people realize.

It's too bad that any family breaks up. It's a double edge sword that he's probably a real go-getter (that's how he got rich) but at the same time I wonder if fame and all combined went to his head.

I know we will never know and it's none of our business but I don't want to watch it anymore because of what I'd just mentioned.