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Season Finale Of Once Upon A Time

First let me say if you haven't watched the 2 hour finale yet, STOP READING NOW!!! I'm kind of surprised there is no mention of the episode maybe I'm the only one still watching. The episode was well done, and to me it was a good ending for a series finale or season finale. Everyone got their happy ending and the end of the show took you back to a time that reminded the viewer of the first episode when Henry tracked down Emma. I'm not sure it's coming back, I read Jennifer Morrison won't return and they would cut the cast to save money. I could see the show going forward with a younger and new generation of characters and maybe having the established characters do a guest spot from time to time. If this was the end, it was a satisfying ending.

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Re: Season Finale Of Once Upon A Time

I love once upon a time! The ending was so nice everyone got there happy ending, I enjoyed it! I hope it returns for season seven!! 

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Re: Season Finale Of Once Upon A Time

I watched it, so I'll comment.  I enjoyed it as well, and liked how they seemed to wrap up all the ends for the entire cast of characters from these first six seasons.  I agree that the last few minutes of the little girl and the book. who had been seen in scenes through the entire two hours, and having her show up at a purported grown-up Henry's door, was clearly a lead-in to a new series with almost all-new characters.  I also read that Jennifer Morrison wasn't coming back, and I'm glad the writers didn't kill her character.  I admit, if I were a writer on that show I would have had a hard time coming up with new storylines, they've poached from every Disney movie cast except The Lion King!   I'm sad to say it, but it was time to end this series in it's original incarnation, so bravo to the writers and producers for doing a good job in wrapping it up.  I'm a little torn about whether I want to watch an all-new series next year, but I guess I'll give it a shot.