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He will be greatly missed but lovingly remembered!  A true icon movie star and 007 forever!




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He had a very full life and a wonderful career.  I should not have been surprised at his passing, but I just never thought of him as being old.  RIP Mr. Connery.

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Such a handsome man and I LOVED his voice - there's just something about a Scottish accent!

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He thought it was fine to slap his wife around, NOT A FAN of his at all.

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@Ko agree a chauvinist thru and thru
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@icezeus wrote:

I was just reading this while drinking my coffee. May he RIP.


I know him from his later movies**The Untouchables***The Rock***The Hunt for Red October and such. 


Loved the voice and accent.



I liked Red October too, but I thought him speaking Russian with a scottish accent was hilarious.

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Also Highlander and as Indiana Jones' father in "....The Last Crusade".

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I was reminiscing some of the movies I enjoyed him in:


Just Cause



Indiana Jones

The Hunt for Red October

Finding Forrester


Surprisingly, this morning The Russia House was on with Michelle Pfeiffer which I hadn't seen before.

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I remember going on a date with a guy who brought me to a James Bond movie.  I had never seen them.  RIP 007.


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