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Re: Scary Movies

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   The  Nicole Kidman movie " The Others"  was a good movie along with  " Shutter Island " with Leonardo  Di Caprio . Had terrific suspense and  story lines that remined me of  Hitchcock .  Along with  " Marnie "

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Re: Scary Movies

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I love a good psycho, scary movie (like Psycho, Seven, etc.) Those scare me because they are real people who have gone crazy and it could happen.


I don't usually like ghost or supernatural stories, although I LOVE The Omen!!! The only other one that scared me more than I liked was Storm of the Century, that Stephen King mini-series. THAT was scary. Never saw IT or many of his other ones.


I just remembered that during my senior year in college, when I had to take some electives, I took an Undergraduate Seminar in Horror movies. We watched movies and discussed them. That was super fun!!!

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Yay Yay Yay!


Just watched the original Halloween last week.  First time in about 25 years.  I just need to see the first 15 minutes and I'm good.  The music scared me more than the movie itself.


Then last night I say Psycho, again the first time in about 30 years.  


Love scary movies - not the gore, but the real suspenseful movies.



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The one movie I haven't been able to finish (after several attempts) is the original B&W "Night of the living Dead". 


Wasn't crazy about the original "The Hills Have Eyes" either.

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They give me NIGHTMARES

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@threecees   With respect to "The Boy".  Should I watch via DVD or would it suffice to watch "edited" on TV?  Thanks!

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@threecees wrote:

Love horror movies.  Here are a couple good ones.


,download (11).jpg



download (10).jpg

The Boy was good! Burnt Offerings was scary!!!!!! It was good though. In my younger days I watched a ton of scary movies, so I have probably seen most of them......I can watch thrillers, but not anything supernatural any longer! I did like The Boy though!

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Nay but if I choose to, it's at 10am so I'm not dreaming this stuff at bedtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't like scary movies of any kind.

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I have always loved them.  Last night with Halloween this week I watched the original IT, Tim Curry as an evil clown still amazes me.  He did such a convincing job. 

I have the first Halloween and thought about watching last night but I just could not yet.  That one gets me every time.  I watched it alone when it first came out on VHS.  My home was way out in the boonies/woods and it was at night.  I finished the movie with the fire place poker in my lap.   But I did finish the whole thing.  We did not even have street lights or neighbors at that time. I was petrified.  But still a Yay for me on scary movies.

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