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Re: Scary Movies Revisited

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Oh boy!!!!!! When I was younger I absolutely loved Scary movies and saw most of them, but now I no longer watch unless they are thrillers, not horror!

So the scariest ones I remember were:


The Shining


Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Halloween(the original)

The Town that Dreaded Sundown!

The Legacy with Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott!

The Exorcist!


Thrillers that I loved were:


What Lies Beneath


The Birds

The Uninvited



 I would add Rosemary's Baby, but I wasn't really scared, just so angry at her husband, and I felt so bad for Rosemary for being duped by those monsters!!!!!!


I am sure there are many more but can't think of them all right now! 

I did like a lot of Stephen King's books that were made into movies as well, they were all well done!



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I love ALL scary movies! Even that campy ones like all of the Chucky/Child's play movies, Texas Chainsaw massacre and the Nightmare on Elm Street/Freddy Kruger series. And the Halloween movies and Friday the 13th movies. And anything Hitchcock. Way too many that I love to name. Woman Very Happy


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Re: Scary Movies Revisited

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I only watch OLD scary movies....I HATE the "gorefests" of's more gore than scary.....


"Dracula"--- this movie from the 30's was shown on Svengoolie awhile back and its creepy and scary and still holds up today (based on the actual novel)...This in no way resembles "Dark Shadows" or the "Twilight" series where people fawned over the characters....this vampire is to be feared!





"The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"---The ORIGINAL version from 1956 has been shown on the SyFy channel....a classic and very scary---beware of the "pod people"!!! 


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I'm not a big horror movie fan but have watched a few. One I saw in high school and still spooks me today is (not sure if I have the correct title or not) Have You Checked the Children?  A girl was babysitting and a guy keeps calling her and asking "Have you checked the children?"


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@Daisy Sunflower wrote:


The Lost Boys

I Love that movie!

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What I find extra scary with movies like 'What Lies Beneath' - 'Jagged Edge' also - is that the actors portaying 'evil' are generally such good guys in other films!! Harrison Ford and Jeff Bridges are 2 of my favorites. Heart

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Does anyone remember "The Tingler"?

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@GoneButNotForgotten wrote:

Does anyone remember "The Tingler"?

That one would make a good cult movie now!


There was an old one (no longer shown) called "The Punisher" that has to be over 50 years ago.

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I love so many of this type of movie, have a sizeable DVD collection, but in the end, The Exorsist was the most terrifying to me, traumatized me for a while after seeing it.  I was taken to it on a date, and spent the entire movie clutching his arm fiercely, lol.


The Wrong Turn series of movies, seen on Syfy, follows The Exorcist, sooooo scary.