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2 that I have enjoyed are:


Cold Creek Manor


What Lies Beneath


What are your favorites?

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My favorite is the old, (1963) black and white original, The Haunting with Julie Harris.  

This movie scared the bejeepers out of me when I was young.  Heck, it still does!  I do not want to say much so as not to spoil it for anyone that has not seen it.

“People do, I don’t.”
Cosmo Kramer
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Rosemary's Baby, although I haven't seen it for awhile.


The Shining


And of course Psycho, took me a long time before I could watch that one by myself.


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Don't have any as I won't watch them.  I watch a movie for laughs and enjoyment.  I like mysteries and suspense, but I don't like horror and being scared.

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I saw Psycho in the theater with my cousins when I was 9, it scared all of us. Also saw The Birds with them, we were scared too but during the cafe scene a shaking hand was overfilling a coffee cup & a kid yelled, There's only a cup & a half of flavor!...everyone in the theater laughed & we made it through the rest of the movie without covering our eyes. Still enjoy watching both.

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Re: Scary Movies Revisited

[ Edited ]


 " Hunchback of Notre Dame "  1939 Charles Laughten & Maureen O'Hara (silent film)

  " "Phantom of the Opera " 1925  Lon Chaney & Mary Philibin ( silent)

   " Dr Jekyll & Mt Hyde "  1931 Fredric March  & Miriam Hopkins

  " The Haunting "  1963  Julie Harris & Claire Bloom

    "The Strangers "   2008 Liv Tyler

   " The Texas Chainsaw Massacre "  1974 

    " The Others "   2001  Nicole Kidman

     " The Thing "    1982  John Carpenter's version with Kurt Russell

      " Alien "  1979  Signourney Weaver

     " Prometheus "   2012   Noomi Rapace

       " Wolf Creek "  2005



 These are some that gave me a  scare. Of course the Exorcist and The Shining . After I saw  the Exorcist  ,  the sound of the Exorcist theme song ( Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield ) that was played frequently on the radio  was really scary.   The Chainsaw massacre mvie of 1974 was really scary .

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"The Haunting" (The original with Julie Harris)

"The Innocents" (1961 film with Deborah Kerr)

"The Shining"


"The Dunwich Horror"


I didn't think "Rosemary's Baby" was scary. I thought it was very sad. I felt sorry for her and I wanted to strangle John Cassavetes. I never liked him after I saw that movie!


Back in the 70s I heard a 3 minute spoof of "The Exorcist" by Richard Pryor and I could never watch that movie without bursting into hysterics. That man was so funny and he absolutely ruined the scare value of that movie for me! 

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Love Love Love Horror Movies.


Two that I didn't see mentioned are "Jeeper Creepers"

and "Carrie'  When that hand came up from the grave

my heart skipped a few beats. lol

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"Night of the Living Dead," 1968


And of course the Htchcock films, Psycho (1960) and The Birds.(1963).

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@Jackhound Mom I remember seeing Let's Scare Jessica To Death as a child and Psycho both gave me a few sleepless nights.  We had a theater in our little town in TN that had a "Dracula matinee and a guy named SIVAD appeared.  We later learned his real name was Davis and he too was spooky but we all received autographed pictures.