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He was on vacation for a week on Strahan & Sara and then has been absent all this week.  I'm not crazy about this show but my husband likes it.  In the last couple of weeks, it seemed to me Michael wasn't getting along with Sara.  He's made some remarks that were a little snide.  I don't think the show is doing very well but I could be wrong.



@Somertime  .... I really don’t like Michael Strahan after what he did to Kelly Rippa on that show ... he seems to want to be the “main event” .... he already changed the name of his current show to Strahan & Sarah instead of Michael & Sarah ... he definitely has a personality problem .... I pray each day that his current show will be cancelled .... Sarah will do fine without him .... she is so much better than he is!!! ..... something is up with him otherwise he wouldn’t be out .... hopefully Karma has come to bite him in the ****** 🙏🙏


@January121 Maybe they were going for alliteration...two names that start with S. Why his would be first I don’t know (or care). I have never seen the show. 

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