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@Jordan2 wrote:

I thought the new guy I think his name is Michael Lockwood was good, he seemed comfortable before the camera. 


Is that the really cute young man who did a bit with Colin Jost on Weekend Update?   Iiked him.  Well, and he was really cute.  Smiley Very Happy


I'm another for whom Weekend Update is a favorite part of the show.  However, sometimes some of the side bits they do naren't that funny and I'll FF through the bit.


I was thinking that working wardrobe for SNL must be a really cool job.  I hope they are paid well.  They make such a wide variety of costumes, many of which are unique.

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They are toast.

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I agree Weekend Update is my favorite part....sometimes I FF thru the rest just to see it.

I really miss Pete Davidson......he is kind of homely but makes up for it with his sense of humor..........

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SNL and I go waaay back . Over the years , the writing has gone downhill. Political skits are funny as long as they're  not one sided . ( which they are )  The actors are not as talented as : Dan, Jane , Bill ! JB ,GR ,etc.

  The one I hated to see leave was Kate McKinnon. The Alian skits had in hysterics!

 I will watch the first few minutes, and end up changing the channel .

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You can't do the comedy that was done the first five years of the show. It was so politically incorrect many people would find it offensive today. As far as the politics are concerned SNL is an equal opportunity offender
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I was disappointed in the show last night.  If there is no improvement, I will not continue to watch.  Part of my problem is that I am not keeping current with what is "in" among younger people.  So, many of the "bits" make zero sense to me, and they are not funny.  I watched a lot more years ago. 

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I didn't even GIGGLE!!!!    Who approves these skits...and thinks ...Yea...that's funny. 


I do have to say..i Thought that Michael longfellow was prety good on the weekend update... and addding Colin wasnt'....and Bowen Yand has never had one funny line since he has been on.....he is horrible. 


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@LyndaGee  I thought Bowan Yand was the WORST>...i did like Michael Longfellow...i can see he has promise. 

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@Jordan2 ,,, I agree...I thought he was really good.