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Waiting, waiting, waiting - I feel like the Mervyn’s lady from their old commercial .... remember her??? - open, open, open - 


Have to laugh.., as I am clearly obsessed with that show...yep! 

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@Camogirl you and me both....I can't believe tonight's episode...waiting to see what happens!

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I am so glad to see that I am not alone in my love of Seal Team.     I think it's such a fantastic show and I anxiously await each episode.


Last night's show was so emotional and it felt so realistic.   When his son told Jason that mom would have been upset to see him punch the refrigerator because she really liked it,  I just felt like crying.  


The intoduction of Jason's mother into the scene makes me think that she will come and live with them to care for his younger son.   I think Jason will go back to the team.   


I know that part of my love for the show is David Boreanaz.   He was my favorite in Bones and I think he is so attractive in such a rugged manly way.