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If there's any fans of this old show, Decade's TV has it for their marathon this weekend starting at, I think, noon or 1 p.m. ET.

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If I only had Decades again. We discussed Route 66 here last week. I mentioned that they filmed an episode here at Johns Hopkins Hospital, if you see one filmed there, think of me. 

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Watched it all the time back then. George Maharis and Martin Milner,

George Maharis and Martin Milner in Route 66 (1960)

@catter70 , Thanks for the memories and post!

George Maharis is 93 and sadly Martin Milner passed in 2015.

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Remember when Geo Maharis had to leave the show, Glenn Corbett took his place, he had liver illness. 

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I remember watching this as a child with my parents.  It's on ME TV Plus weekday mornings.  I try to watch when I can, such a great show.  Definitely prefer the episodes with George Maharis.