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I saw this on Facebook today.  She looks really good.  I've never seen her this slim before.  Looking good!



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Oh wow, she looks great!!

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She looks so pretty.  Her tousled, highlighted hair is flattering too.

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@San Antonio Gal 

WOW!  She does look great.  She looks a WHOLE LOT better than she did in her show.

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Wow! She looks fabulous. Good for her

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Roseanne has sure changed her looks over the years. But I wish her well, as there is nothing better than her old Roseanne show. I still watch it a lot and enjoy it! 

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She looks wonderful and happy. I'm glad for her!

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Did she remarry?  I recall reading she lives in Hawaii and has a macadamia nut farm.  She looks great ... good for her.

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She looks happy and healthy!  Thanks for the share @San Antonio Gal.

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her life partner