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Jeremy and Audrey's baby boy has arrived. Name is Bode James Roloff.

Born on his due date, January 8.


Now both twins, Jeremy and Zach have 2 kids, each a son and a daughter.


Wondering when the show will return? 


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More pictures on Audrey's instagram page.




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How are they pronouncing it?  Bode or Bode-e?  You never know with names.  

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@Peaches McPhee wrote:

How are they pronouncing it?  Bode or Bode-e?  You never know with names.  

@Peaches McPhee Not sure, guess we will hear it when Grandma Amy

talks about baby when the show returns. Don't think they are coming 

back to the show. 

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I had a feeling she would have a second baby once Zach & Tori announced that they were having #2.  She strikes me as having to keep up with the Joneses.

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I hope it won't be another "woe is me" time...

Didn't seem like she enjoyed being a new mother last time/

I often wondered how she would handle things if she were to have a LP baby.

Tori is the best mom and takes everything in stride...


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Re: Roloff baby has arrived

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agree..about Tori!

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@pieman  Your post said exactly what I'd been thinking.


I was also surprised that she had another baby because it didn't seem to me that she was that much into being pregnant and a mom the first time.


Of course we never know what's for real.  These shows are just what the show decides we should see anyway.


You know how with some people you get the idea they "tollerate" everything?


That's the way I felt with her.  I always felt like she enjoyed all the EXTRA that went with the show but she felt like she was 'above' everyone else.


I hate saying that...but that's the feeling I got...

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I just read about the baby before I came to this site. I read that Amy and Chris will postpone wedding until 2021. I thought they'd so it as soon as possible. Hope there's not trouble in paradise lol.