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Roku doesn't have any fees. 


Perhaps the poster was referring to one of the apps like Sling TV? 


As for watching other shows ~ most of them are restricted to those that have either cable or satellite ~ they usually ask for your provider and give you a code in order to access. 


Of course, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime, HBO, Netflix, hulu, CBS all access and numerous others for varying fees 

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I am thinking of using this too but he's my question, do you still get shopping channels? My cable bill is over $200 per month and I called and they offered to take $30 off. I have to do something. Did I see someone mention you can also get internet through Roku also?

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I eliminated my Direct tv bill by getting an Amazon Fire Stick to stream movies.  I already had movies on Amazon Video with my Prime membership but I also signed up for Netflix which I believe is $7.95/mo.  I picked out a package on Sling with my favorite cable channels which is about $39.00/mo. I bough a Roku Express, $29.99, for my second TV just to compare to Fire Stick.  I like the Fire Stick with Alexa voice control much better.  All the programs I signed up for on the Fire Stick also show up on the Roku except for Amazon Videos.  All these devices are easy to install and use.

Then I shopped Amazon and found an inexpensive interior antenna for $14.  (Mohu Antenna also at Walmart) I bought one for each of my TVs and now get all the local channels, dozens of them, crystal clear.  I get QVC, Q2, HSN and JTV which are on UHF.  I get local and national news on NBC, ABC, CBS and I get our PBS channels.  I can also get all the shopping channels on YouTube for free.  I'm paying less than half of what I paid for my satellite service and feel that I'm missing nothing plus I can always find something interesting to watch in the middle of the night.

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@chickenbutt wrote:




Hi LD!   Yes, that is the case.  When I got mine there was no additional fee just to run them.   I don't have any smart TVs, so I have the Roku3 units connected, as well as my Tivos.  Works great.   I can actually stream pretty much anything through the Tivos too, but when I got the Rokus the older models of Tivos that I had then were just not as good for streaming and were slow.


Maybe I'm just being old, but I don't actually look forward to having to buy a 'smart TV'.  Too many things to go wrong.  I like being able to hook up what I want and I don't need the internet on the tv, too.   Smiley Happy

We've had a smart tv as our main tv for years. In fact, we need a new tv because the picture is going but we keep limping it along.  LOL  We never really use the smart tv feature on that tv.  I don't need a giant screen for internet stuff either.  LOL


Once again last night the Spectrum app was down so I couldn't watch tv.  The good thing is, I was sleeping by 10:15.  LOL