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I saw Robin on HSN today  She hasnt been on for months  Did she mention why she wasnt on

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Robin Wall?  I've seen her a lot.  

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There was a rumor several months ago that she was fired.  If she has reappeared, that obviously was wrong.  I always liked her so I'm glad she's still there.

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Robin was off HSN for about 2 months.  She remained listed as a host on the host page and she had stated on her FB page that she would be back in December.


I'm not sure if she was ill or if she was dealing with something else.   She was supposed to be on for host pick in October but Marlo filled in and that's the last time Robin was on until earlier this month.     

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robin wall is leaving hsn.



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I don't think they treated her that well , she ended up getting middle of the night shifts ,of course we don't know all of the detail of the work place. I wish her the best.

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Re: Robin on HSN

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@Sunshine45  thank you for your post. Because I read it, I tuned it this morning and did see Robin's last show.


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Robin mentioned on her goodbye show in the last couple of minutes this morning that her husband was recently receiving treatment for cancer, so maybe that is why she took time off previously. I guess we'll never know, but hope her husband remains well and she does well in whatever she is moving on to.