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Re: Rick was on SyFy today

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I was watching a movie over the weekend. "Sicario" and I recognized Shane, who had the role of a cop. Nah, I never do that. LOL

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@hellokitty wrote:

My hubby is into watching old shows, mostly westerns, and he will want me to Google if the person is still living, how long the show ran and if he recognizes other cast members he wants me to find out about them as well.


My mother in law got to speak with Rick on the air once.  I think she bought a ring.


@hellokitty lol my husband does THAT too! lol!

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@HappyDaze.  I've bought things from QVC and HSN for years.  I never got asked to talk on the air.  The main reason is because I usually do everything on the automatic number.


However recently I've been asked at least I'd say 3 or 4 times if I wanted to talk on the air on QVC and 2 times on HSN.  I once talked on the air on HSN when the ditzy blonde Chrissy was on.  I liked her a lot.


I always turn it down.  Once it was with Rick.  I don't care for the way he yells at us (the audience).  Anyway, I still haven't talked on the air.  I resent the way they have people who call in sell the products for them, besides it bores me to listen to people talk about why they buy the products, I don't want to contribute to it.  I'd probably try to apologize to the audience for talking on air.  Ha!


I'll never talk on HSN.  Chrissy was nice to me but I've always found HSN people to cut you off and I think they are rude to people calling in.  It's as if they don't know how to nicely get people off of the air.  I feel embarrassed for the caller.