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i have always thought TMZ was an exploitative group. they are always invasive, as possible and trying for "gotcha moments" with  famous people.


I don't understand the reason for this show on Richard. He clearly wants to be left alone and keep his privacy. I would bet there are people, behind the scenes that are looking out for him and protecting him from this type of "journalism". Shame on TMZ.

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I watched the Special. They really had no news to report. Mostly they showed old film, showing Richard saying and doing things. At the end, they just surmised from his old flicks that he was a loner who was doing what he wanted to do, i.e., staying home or if he went out he was in disguise. 

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@Skyegirl21 wrote:

I caught the end of it. Very odd that NO ONE has seen him in years... I do hope he is alright, but I wonder if he is alright, because he is the type of person that thrives on connection with others- 

No, @Skyegirl21 , they actually thought he was not that type of person. Although he cared for people, he was actually a "loner" and a "stay at home."

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@Sweet Kitties wrote:

deeva, I'm not aware of the documentary. Could you please tell me how to find it? I'd really like to watch it. If he really is an introvert, he sure did a good job of hiding it. 

@Sweet Kitties 


A lot of people are introverts and it's nothing to be ashamed of. 


People who are in the public eye have to develop a "public personna" they fall into when they are working.  They have to be "outgoing" in order to promote their businesses.  


When they are at home, or with trusted friends and family, they can finally be themselves.    I got the impression Michael Jackson was the same way.   

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I watched this, an hour of my life I won't get back. It was an utter waste of time, I learned nothing from it. If you were considering watching this don't, watch something worthy of your time. 

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Never cared for him.

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I always got a kick out of him and thought he was very inspirational to people.


I did not get to watch the special but thought about it.  So, they never had information in it showing where he has been or what he is doing?  Then, what was the point of the show?  I thought that was supposed to be what the show was all about?? 


In any event, I hope he is doing well and is happy!  

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One of the songs came on our Sirus radio in the car the other day, that had been on one of the videos of exercise he'd put out.  It always reminded me of him when I heard it on the radio.  So that was 2 weeks ago we were talking about him. Glad to know he's still around.  He did a dancing to the oldies.  Dance is my choice of exercise, or it was.



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I listened to the Podcast about him quite a while ago.  It was quite informative.

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I felt like I didn't know any more about where Richard Simmons was after the show. Honestly I haven't wondered where he was. People disappear from the lime light and I don't think it's that unusual. I think with health matters and being an introvert he wants to remain at home. Perhaps he's depressed and in pain or as they hinted he goes out unrecognized. He has people who care for him and if that's his choice to remain out of the public eye, I respect that.