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Re: Retired D.C. NBC Anchor Wendy Rieger Now in Hospice Care

.  I missed Jim Vance's well. 

Rest in Peace, ... those who have made our lives that much more fulfilled, loving & comfortable.

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Re: Retired D.C. NBC Anchor Wendy Rieger Now in Hospice Care

@golding76   It was so very sad to hear of her death.  This is the DC local NBC affiliate that I watch faithfully, starting when my children were attending colleges in DC and since I relocated here from Connecticut when I retired in 2017.


The tributes that came pouring in for her were impressive.  You could see clearly that she was admired by many and that she impacted many people's lives in a positive way. 


Glioblastoma is quite deadly.  My daughter's father-in-law was diagnosed with this a few months back.  The family is struggling to cope with it.  I, too, wonder if so much electronic (or whatever the technical term is) exposure contibutes to getting this form of brain cancer.  



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Re: Retired D.C. NBC Anchor Wendy Rieger Now in Hospice Care

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Many people do have concerns about  potential environmental  causes of various health issues.........that's why I, as a Realtor in the DC area, had customers who determinedly steered clear of  neighborhoods anywhere close to  high power lines. 


These aren't the typical  telephone or electrical wires that line streets.  They're the type that power the nation's electrical grid and almost resemble tall scaffolding sitting on dedicated stretches of land covering a large area.


I rejected a few neighborhoods when deciding where to live when we moved to Georgia.  It's amazing how many newer homes are built close to these  high-powered electrical lines, probably as land on which to build has grown more scarce.


Studies have been done over the past several decades that tend to minimize the risk of being close to them, but I guess it's controversial.


 It's very similar to the controversy over whether constant use of a cell phone, particularly when used close to a person's head, causes cancer.