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@Lils Mom  Not sure if this is the cliff hanger you are remembering, but I was shocked when Karen and Syd's daughter was abducted.  When recovered, she announced that she had married her kidnapper.  I was really knocked for a loop on that one and couldn't wait for the next season to learn why.

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Lovd this show, also Falcon Crest, Dynasty, and Dallas.

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@pateacher - I don't think that was what I was trying to remember but thanks for trying.  I kind of remember it had to do with wondering if Gary was going to die.  Not sure after all these years.

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@pateacher- That cliffhanger ranks right up there with Dallas' "Who Shot J.R.?"  We were forced to be patient in those days before binge-watching became available.  Although it was nerve-wracking to wait for the fall t.v. season to resume, it sure made for great conversation/speculations over the summer months! 

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I recall thinking, at that time, that Joan Van Ark played such a timid, wimpy, pathetic woman (character).


Excellent actress among the other great actresses/actors.


I hope it's ok to say 'actress'.  It sounds more feminine to me.  


Wonderfully vivid series.  The sets, the acting, the story line, the costumes/fashions.


Just perfect!

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